Aqua Phi™

Aqua Phi™

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Aqua Phi was developed in response to the concerns a friend had while travelling for business. She reported feeling “Alzheimer-like symptoms”, that she felt were due to poor water quality – especially fluoride.

Observed beneficial effects during extensive in-house testing (Gas Discharge Visualization, Vibrational Radiethesia, Applied Kinesiology), and field testing are:

  • Improves taste and softens texture of any liquid (water, coffee, tea, wine, etc.) when placed on top of Aqua Phi

  • Energetic balancing of glands and organs when placed over selected chakras, aligns chakras, reduces stress

  • Lucid dream states when placed under pillow

  • Relief of acute and chronic pain when applied to affected area

  • Extends shelf-life of perishables by up to 300% in the fridge

  • May de-calcify pineal gland when placed over “3d Eye”

  • Creates feeling of cerebral expansion when placed on back of head, with Electra Phi on forehead

  • Turns good wine into great wine

**Aqua Phi has not been assessed by Health Canada, nor by the FDA. No claims of health benefit are made, or implied. Always seek advice of a medical professional for any health concerns.

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For restructuring and harmonizing water, extending shelflife of perishables, minor pain relief, enhanced dream states