What makes EMF-X solutions different from others; like Earthcalm, ADR, etc.?

A lot of companies are offering products that claim to shield radiation, block radiation, reduce radiation, etc. Because mobile and other technologies use Radio Frequencies (RFs), microwave, and other disruptive frequencies, it is impossible to block them, or shield them, or otherwise reduce them without rendering the phone (or other device) useless. 

Some products offered do absolutely nothing. Some help, but introduce other chaotic (and detrimental) elements, and others do what they claim to do (Earthcalm is one that actually works). What sets EMF-X solutions apart is that we offer the only product that actually harmonizes your device so that it is a benefit to you, and harmonizes communications between people. An added feature is that when you make a call with Tele Phi on your phone, it harmonizes the recipient's phone as long as you are connected. No other solution that we have tested can make this claim. 

Our solution for "Smart meters" harmonizes all of the electricity in the building, and by extension, everything that is plugged in - including Wi-Fi routers, televisions, computers, appliances, lights, and so on.

EMF-X solutions offers the most effective, and affordable solutions; Tele Phi is priced at only $22. Most competitors are in the $50-$100 range, and are of dubious quality. Some whole-house solutions can cost as much as $900, or more, while Electra Phi harmonizes the electricity for the whole dwelling for $33, and more effectively. We deliberately keep our prices affordable, as we believe that everyone with a phone, or a hydro bill should be able to benefit without the price being restrictive. We aim to reduce the harmful qualities of modern technologies so that all life on Earth benefits - whether a baby, a bee, a cat, or a tree.

There is also a "spiritual" dimension to our solutions, which is intended to bring a greater harmony to this world. This dimension is exclusive to EMF-X solutions, as far as we know.


Are your products tested? How are your products tested?

We rely on a number of testing modalities to demonstrate effectiveness of our products. These modalities include Applied Kinesiology, Physical Radiesthesia, Gas Discharge Visualization Camera (GDV - by Prof. Korotkov), BioField Viewer, ETAscan technology, electro photonics to name a few. Many "sensitive" people report that they can feel the gentle, harmonizing power of our solutions. In an uncompleted double-blind, placebo controlled study carried out in late 2015, it was shown that subjects did benefit after using Tele Phi on their mobile phones for 2 weeks. (test data page coming soon)

We hope to do a crowd-funding campaign in the very near future to raise USD to have testing done in Colorado by Prof. Glen Rein, PhD (innobioteck.com) using human DNA assays, wherein generic human DNA is exposed to cellular phone radiation; first without any remediation device, then with Tele Phi. We expect that Tele Phi might in fact help repair cellular damage that is normally observed in the use of cellular phones, such as the unwinding of DNA, and breaks in same.

We cannot use a regular EMF detection meter to test for "blocking" of radiation because the emissions are still there (else the phone would not work). The signals are however, harmonized, and no longer a cause for concern.


Why is it important for me to use your products?

Although there is no definitive study demonstrating that all EMFs from all sources are harmful, there is an abundance of studies, and simple common sense as well, indicating that there is a strong possibility of harm from mobile and associated technologies. Why take chances with your health, or the health of those around you? EMF-X solutions offers affordable, effective solutions to these potential problems. Harmonize your life!


What about "wearable" technology; like Apple Watches, etc.?

In July of 2016 I was contacted by someone whose husband had given her an Apple Watch as a gift. She felt a "buzzing", and general discomfort in her arm when she started to wear the watch. On a subsequent visit to her Naturopathic Doctor (ND), she was advised to cease wearing the watch, as it was disrupting major organ functions. She was advised that most of the ND's patients with wearable technology were experiencing the same detrimental effects. This is not surprising, as the meridians for the lungs, heart, pericardium, large and small intestines all run up the arm, and are subjected to the constant pulsing of signals from the watch. The watch is "paired" to an iPhone (in the case of Apple, though other tech companies also have "Smart" watches). When this client harmonized her iPhone with an EMF-X solutions device, the discomfort was alleviated, and after follow-up testing, her ND told her that it was now safe to wear her watch. She, and her husband, were very pleased.

These technologies are not going away, but are increasing in number, and power. We must harmonize them if we do not want to suffer the deleterious effects of their use.


How do I track my order?

A tracking number will be provided for expedited parcels delivered through Canada Post and Purolator. The tracking number can be used on the Canada Post and Purolator websites to determine the delivery status of your parcel. A tracking number is not available for parcels that are sent through Regular Mail (our standard delivery method).


What is your Shipping and Returns Policy?

90 Days Money-back Guarantee. All returns require a Return Authorization number [RA#].  To obtain an Authorization number, please contact Customer Service.

When shipping carriers are used, each customer acquires legal ownership of the product when it ships from EMF-X solutions. EMF-X solutions is not responsible for any costs incurred due to order changes or cancellations. EMF-X solutions will ship product via Canada Post regular mail unless otherwise arranged with the customer. If you require expedited delivery, e-mail us at info@emf-x.ca for a quote. In the event that there is a shipping problem, EMF-X solutions will assist customers with the carrier/courier to the fullest extent possible.

There is a 25% restocking fee for pre-approved returns and/or exchanges. EMF-X solutions does not accept returns on orders over 90 days old.


Delivery Problems

EMF-X solutions is not responsible for missing or delayed product due to carrier problems. Customers should provide enough time to accommodate unexpected events that may delay order delivery. EMF-X solutions recommends that customers provide a shipping address where someone will be available to accept delivery.



All delivery claims and return authorizations must be approved by an EMF-X solutions Customer Service Representative. In the event that EMF-X solutions has made an error, we will replace the product and ship via ground transportation of EMF-X solutions' choice. EMF-X solutions is not responsible for courier or overnight shipping in the event that an order error has occurred.


Damaged or Missing Items

EMF-X solutions recommends that customers inspect orders for accuracy and damage within 48 hours of receipt of the product.


How much will shipping cost?

We use Canada Post and Purolator for most of our shipping requirements. Shipping is calculated by the weight and dimensions of your package, as well as the distance it must travel. We will normally ship products via the lowest cost shipment method, unless directed otherwise. Shipping will be calculated during the check out process as an estimated cost, which may be subject to change, dependent upon any order changes, back ordered product and other similar factors.

Ground shipments to Canadian addresses by regular mail are free of charge.

In the event of a postal strike, we will offer delivery by courier, at cost.


Do you have any questions not answered here? Drop us a note info@emf-x.ca. We will do our best to answer.