“I taped one of you small aqua (Aqua Phi®️) units on my foot to help it heal,  FABULOUS 

...sorry I didn't take pictures.....the bruise showed up and I didn't think to tape the aqua phi on until then.....but it looked pretty blue and big ( about the size of my fist) and just 36 hours later it is almost gone”

Julia R. - Vancouver, B.C.

“i’ve definitely noticed a difference in how I feel. I work in a pretty unhealthy/toxic environment (foodservice kitchen) and I wouldn’t know how to really describe it too well what’s going on but i certainly feel a shift. really intense. more energetic/positive feeling for sure. people are responding to me a bit differently too. just more of a sort of “attractivity”  with me and my field. (in an energetic sense) people engage me more like they can feel the fields around me being different.” (Wears a Tele Phi®️ on a pendant)

Aaron McCollum - Lubbock, Texas

"There is no doubt that the Theraphi has benefitted from your visit, it's more penetrating and powerful than ever!

I can't image any wellness modality that wouldn't be enhanced from your work."

Patrick Malone

Theraphi in Vancouver


"- my room feels different. If I were to try to describe it it's like there's less noise... Energetic noise"

RMT - Vancouver, B.C.


"In comprehensive testing and retesting in field application of EMF-X solutions' energy-quality balancing corrective tools (Aqua Phi, Tele Phi and Electra Phi) for sources of EMR, RF, toxic water-sourced radiation and geopathic stress, I've found them to be consistently stable, having high strength and effectiveness for transforming and harmonizing detrimental energy.

In the corrections I've tested, they have measured at fully balanced levels (BioGeometrically) on all seven planes of Nature and all ten BG3 energy-quality points. The essential energy quality required for centering and harmonization, BG3, is very strong. Additionally, the results were stable when tested three months later."

-Robyn Grace

Licensed BG-Environmental Home Solutions Practitioner, Certified Building Biology Practitioner, Healthy Home - Healthy Body Detoxification Specialist, Time-Space Feng Shui Consultant, BioAcoustics Research Associate (BARA)


"As a healthy skeptic...all I can say is WOW. I just cut half of a watermelon into slices, had some, then charged it for 30 minutes on the Aqua-Fi pad. My watermelon actually tasted like honey...
To test the other half, I then cut the other half and it was tasteless in comparison. Same watermelon, significant difference in taste. My guests even noted how good it was! Unexplainable to me but my tastebuds know the truth"

Selin Bilgin
Vancouver, B.C.


"We have found the aqui phi very therapeutic and now some of our friends would like to try them. ,,,please send me two packages."

"Our friend has diabetic neuropathy in feet...he found relief when he put our small (Aqua Phi) in his shoe."

K.H. - Saskatchewan


Liala Strotman‎ to EMF-X solutions

My friend has the energy, confidence and knowledge to balance your space energies.

Liala Strotman - Retired School Principal
Long Island, New York